3 Tips to Prepare for University Accreditation Reviews

3 Tips to Prepare for University Accreditation Reviews

Whether you’re seeking accreditation for your institution for the first time or you need your accreditation renewed, you should prepare well in advance for your review or audit. Here are three tips to prepare for university accreditation reviews.

1. Know What Type of Accreditation You Need

There are a few different types of accreditation. The kind you need will depend on your school. Every school needs regional or national institutional accreditation, but certain degree programs, such as journalism, may require specialized accreditation, also called programmatic accreditation. For example, Grand Canyon University accreditation requirements may differ from the requirements for a specific program at a state school.

2. Review the Stages of the Process

Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals, for example, need to know what types of accreditation the school is eligible for and how to coordinate scheduling with the appropriate accreditation organization. In general, the process involves six stages. First, the institution’s eligibility must be established. Then, the institution conducts a self-review to prepare for the third stage, a visit by the accreditation team. The team then writes their report. Finally, a decision is made. Appeals are available if necessary. Then, the institution is regularly monitored to ensure accreditation can be renewed.

3. Keep All Relevant Records Safe And Accessible

Make sure all information and records related to accreditation are kept somewhere safe and secure. They should also be accessible to your internal review team and the accreditation officials who visit your institution. Relevant records may include your institution’s or program’s budget, syllabi examples, learning outcomes assessments, faculty credentials and statistics regarding enrollment, retention and demographics. Keep this information together so reviewers can see the whole picture.

All aspects of your educational institution should be prepared for your accreditation review or audit because accreditation organizations score institutions in their entirety when deciding whether to award or renew accreditation.

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