Green for the Win: Top 5 Advantages of Renewable Energy

Green for the Win: Top 5 Advantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is experiencing fast growth everywhere. In 2020, the growth rate is up by 45% worldwide. It’s the largest growth since 1999 while the demand for other fuels declined.

By 2021 and 2022, the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects renewables to become the new normal. The global wind capacity and solar power installations led to this rise.

It’s great news, considering the many advantages of renewable energy. Read on and find out the top five benefits of this energy source below.

1. Renewable Resources

Wait, what is renewable energy? It’s the energy we get from sunlight, the wind, water, and underground. These can replenish themselves and continue to provide us with energy forever.

On the other hand, other sources of energy will run out in a few centuries or decades. Fossil fuels, for example, are not going to be here forever once we exhaust them. Even today, they’re getting harder and more expensive to source.

2. Cleaner Environment

When we burn fossil fuels to create electricity, it creates byproducts contaminating the air and water. It produces toxic gases detrimental to your health.

Mercury, sulfur dioxide, lead, and other dangerous metals can also make their way into the water. These contribute to a host of other health issues, ranging from respiratory problems to premature death.

When the entire world switches to renewable energy, we can enjoy a cleaner environment. The loss of pollutants makes to achieve fresher air and water.

3. No Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Burning fossil fuels also emit greenhouse gases. The huge amounts of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere trap heat, causing global warming. Using non-renewable energy sources is a big contributor to climate change.

4. Cheaper Form of Energy

One advantage everyone enjoys is the price reductions. It’s cheaper for renewable energy companies to maintain their plants. After all, they don’t need to source fuel anymore.

As a result, it’s also cheaper for consumers. Expect lower monthly energy bills when we make the switch to renewable energy.

Individuals are already saving money for using solar panel systems in their homes. Learn more here:

5. New Jobs in the Market

Renewable energy is creating new jobs – about three times as much as fossil fuels. It’s one of the most surprising advantages of renewable energy. In addition to plant workers, solar panel installers and wind turbine technicians are also some of the fastest-growing jobs today.

It’s creating more stable and high-wage employment across the world. With multiple countries setting clean energy goals, more plants are cropping up.

Explore the Advantages of Renewable Energy Now!

With all these advantages of renewable energy, cities, states, and countries are racing to hit their goal of 100% clean energy. As such, we can look forward to a future with a cleaner environment.

Of course, switching to renewable energy presents some challenges, too. You can study more to better understand the subject.

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