Taking Care of Your Car Battery: Tips for a Longer Life

Taking Care of Your Car Battery: Tips for a Longer Life

Do you know how long your car battery should last? Most batteries can keep your car going for three to five years, but when you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer’s battery can last much longer. In addition, you can do a few things to extend your battery’s life. These are some quick tips.

Keep Your Batter Secured

When you see a new Jaguar for sale, you likely calculate the costs of your monthly payments, maintenance, and other fees. Changing a battery can creep up on you, but you can extend this period by keeping your battery secured. It should be completely fastened into the mounting bracket.

If your battery is loose, the cables can pull slightly off the terminals over time, causing it to work harder to make electrical connections. It can also cause damage inside as the acids slosh around.

Avoid Extended Idling or Sitting

Your battery wears quicker if you idle your vehicle for extended periods of time. If you do need to idle your vehicle, turn off the electronics. In fact, you should also turn off all your accessories before starting your vehicle. This is especially important during cold weather.

When your vehicle sits for long periods, the battery does not get sufficiently charged. Take your car out for a long drive every so often. If you expect your vehicle to sit for days on end, consider choosing a battery, such as an absorbed glass mat option, that can handle the load.

Battery’s Temperature

Car batteries struggle in extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. To extend your battery life, avoid hot temperatures, which can evaporate your battery fluid and may cause it to overcharge. Cold temperatures drain your battery and can damage your battery’s case.

Avoid Short Trips

As much as possible, you should avoid short trips. You will inevitably have periods when you just need to drive a short distance but try to take longer trips if you can. When you drive only a short distance, your battery does not have time to fully recharge, which can impact its lifespan.

Complete Regular Maintenance

Corrosion on the outside of your battery can cause damage because it has to work harder. Therefore, part of your car battery maintenance should include cleaning the corrosion off of your battery, clamps, and terminals. Use a mixture of water and baking soda. Clean it with a brush that isn’t made of metals.

A battery maintainer monitors your battery. These devices adjust your battery’s charge. You don’t want to keep your battery on a charger because it can cause damage. However, you should charge your car battery at least once every six weeks. A maintainer can make sure your battery gets a full charge without overcharging it.

Get Your Battery Tested

Did you know that you can have your battery charge tested? You should do this regularly, at least once per season. You can learn your battery’s voltage and health with a test that only takes a few minutes. Many dealerships, mechanics, and parts stores can test your battery for you, or you can invest in a tester for yourself.

Take Care of Your Battery

You can extend your car battery life and save some money. Keep these tips in mind as you drive and maintain your vehicle and its battery.

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