The Benefits of Noise Reducing Casters – Enhancing Workplace Productivity

The Benefits of Noise Reducing Casters - Enhancing Workplace Productivity

Excessive noise can be more than just an annoyance in busy manufacturing environments. Over time, it can lead to health issues for staff and reduce facility productivity.

One way to address excessive workplace noise is by choosing casters with a quieter wheel material. Noise reducing caster absorbs the impact of carts moving across the floor, dampening the jolt that typically causes a lot of chatter.

Quiet Workplaces

It’s no secret that noise can cause distraction in the workplace. Whether it’s the constant sound of notification alerts on phones and tablets or co-workers talking over one another in conference rooms, these interruptions can be hard to ignore and result in decreased productivity.

A quiet space can also help people better retain information and learn new skills because they can give their full attention to what they’re doing. This type of concentration can help them be more productive in the long run and ensure they understand their work.

Material handling casters are an important part of many industries and businesses, such as hospitals trying to reach their HCAHPS goals and manufacturing plants looking to keep decibel levels under control. Using noise-reducing casters on carts, dollies, and gondolas can significantly reduce the noise they create while moving around on the plant floor or in an office. This can save companies money by helping them control noise pollution and ear damage while reaching ergonomic goals.

Reduced Risk of Ear Damage

In addition to being unnerving, excessive noise in the workplace can also contribute to ear damage, stress, and reduced productivity. It’s important to reduce noise pollution and ensure that your employees are protected from it.

Some of the most common sources of noise pollution are office chatter, loud phone voices, ringing phones, and coughing and sneezing. While it can be challenging to get the chatterboxes in your office to stop, there are other ways that you can reduce noise in your workplace without making significant design changes or exceeding budgets.

Using the right heavy-duty casters can make a big difference in noise levels in your workplace. Noise-reducing casters feature a flexural spring and elastomer inside the wheel hub that absorbs the jolt of moving the cart, dramatically lowering noise levels. This makes them the perfect choice for medical facilities, where reducing noise could prolong a patient’s recovery.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Excessive noise pollution can cause more than just hearing loss. It can also interfere with communication, reduce productivity, and make people irritable. It can even lead to stress-related illnesses.

Using noise-reducing casters can be a cost-saving measure for facilities that rely on carts, dollies, and gondolas to move parts, scrap, and other items around the facility. Lowering the sound level allows employees to work longer without fatigue or other health problems.

This caster can also be used to protect sensitive equipment during transport. These heavy-duty casters feature a spring mechanism that can be adjusted to dampen the shock and vibration of a moving load. This is especially helpful for facilities that deal with delicate products like aircraft engines and semiconductor components.

They are also ideal for medical applications where the need to follow strict safety protocols is essential. This includes hospitals where excessive noise can aggravate patients and increase the risk of re-hospitalization.

Increased Safety

Many workplaces face the challenge of addressing ingrained noise pollution habits contributing to loud work environments. It’s not just distracting and annoying to those working around the excessive noise; it can cause hearing loss, stress-related illnesses, and decreased productivity.

Using noise-reducing casters for carts and other rolling equipment can significantly reduce the noise level created when rolling it over a facility’s floor surfaces. Casters designed with soft, durable materials such as rubber and polyurethane also offer additional floor protection against damage.

The casters’ innovative design uses a flexural spring and elastomer to dampen the sound and vibration created when a load rolls over the casters. It’s easy to create a quieter, safer facility without major design changes or costly modifications.

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