Types of Insulation for Your Home

Types of Insulation for Your Home

According to the EPA, the average American homeowner can save 15% on their energy bill by installing new insulation. Having good insulation is important because it saves you money on your electric bill, keeps you comfortable and healthy, and minimizes noise.

Do you need new insulation in your home? The type of insulation that you need depends on your home and where you live. Keep reading to learn about 5 different types of insulation.

Batts and Rolls

One of the most common types of insulation is batts and rolls insulation, also known as blanket insulation. Batts and rolls insulation comes in a thick, blanket form that allows you to cut out the dimensions that you need.

Once you have cut out the insulation, all you have to do is place it between the studs in your wall. This type of insulation works great as wall insulation or floor insulation. Of all the different types of insulation, this is one of the most affordable.

Foam Board

If you live somewhere cold, insulation is critical. Foam board is the best insulation for cold environments. It has one of the highest R-values you can get, meaning it does a great job retaining heat.

You can install foam board on both interior and exterior walls in your home. Because foam board has such a high R-value, it is more expensive than other types of insulation. The good news is that you can save money by installing it on your own.

Loose Fill

Instead of being packed down like a board or a blanket, loose-fill insulation conforms to any space. It is made of foam, fibers, and other materials that help it fill in space. Loose foam insulation works best in tight areas, such as the attic.

Becasue this type of insulation is loose, you will need insulation installation by professionals. Professionals use a special hose to pump the foam into the desired area.

Spray Foam

Do you have a small area that you need to insulate? If so, spray foam may be the best option for you. Spray foam comes in cans that you can buy at the hardware store. All you have to do is spray it, and it will expand into any tight spaces.

Spray foam offers a high R-value, so it is effective at insulating your home. Spray foam is more expensive than other types of foam due to its ease of use.

Reflective Insulation

If you live somewhere warm and want a lower-cost type of insulation, reflective insulation could be best for your home. Reflective insulation is made of reflective material that helps to reflect heat.

While this type of insulation won’t keep your house warm in the winter, it will help keep the inside cool during the summer. In addition to working well in homes, reflective insulation is great for garages and basements.

Which Types of Insulation Are Best for Your Home?

The best types of insulation for you depend on your home where you live. Some of the most common types of insulation include batts and rolls, foam board, loose-fill, spray foam, and reflective insulation.

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