Why Is Education Important? All The Reasons To Stay In School

The definition of education varies from person to person. Some people see it only as an academic rank granted by a college or university. Some think of it as knowledge obtained from books. Regardless of how you define it, there’s something that almost everybody agrees with and that is the importance of education in our society. Though many people argue that one can be educated better outside the classroom, it’s impossible to deny that classrooms have contributed greatly to educating people. Whether you choose to go to school or not, the positive impact it creates on society is indisputable. Here are all the reasons why you should stay in school: 

1. Provides stability

Though there is no doubt that you can acquire knowledge even if you drop out of school, school education provides you with more stability in your practical life. Schools are full of opportunities. If you have a college degree, you are likely to attract bigger and better career opportunities. Research shows that high school dropouts are less likely to be employed as compared to people who spend more than four years in college. 

2. Provides financial security

In today’s economy where everything is unpredictable, you need to make sure that you have a stable and financially secure future. Besides stability, school education provides financial security. Research shows that highschool graduates nearly earn 150 dollars more per week than people who did not graduate high school. Going to college makes you even more financially secure. Another research shows that highschool dropouts are more likely to apply for public aid than highschool graduates. Today, we don’t have a lot of employers in the market who want to hire a highschool dropout. Therefore, going to school means a future with financial security.

3. Makes you more confident

If you want to lead a successful life, you need to have confidence in yourself. The best way to be self-confident is through education. When you are educated, you know your strengths. You can depend on yourself for everything you want in life. People consider your level of education as proof of your knowledge. Your education substantiates your knowledge and skills. This corroboration of your abilities makes you confident enough to assertively speak your mind and express your opinions. 

4. Helps you contribute to society

Education makes you a valuable asset to the society you live in. It gives you an opportunity to give back to society. Educated people play a pivotal role in contributing to the world’s economy. It’s reported that countries with higher literacy rates greatly contribute to the world economy. 

5. Helps you differentiate between right and wrong

Education substantially increases your ability to differentiate between right and wrong. It helps you build a clear conscience. It provides you a deeper understanding of the world and helps you acquire a better sense of morality.

6. Offers you protection

The protection that comes with education is not merely limited to your financial condition. It also helps you understand the world better and therefore prevents you from being exploited. Uneducated people don’t understand right and wrong well and are more likely to allow themselves to be ill-treated by others. 

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