5 Ways to Handle the Florida Cost of Living

5 Ways to Handle the Florida Cost of Living

You’ve always dreamed of retiring to Florida, but one big problem—the Florida cost of living is higher than ever before!

The popularity of the Sunshine State has driven up housing prices massively, making it much more expensive than it used to be. Don’t worry though, as all hope isn’t lost!

You can still retire to Florida, but you should need to know a few tips first. Keep reading to find five helpful ways to manage the costs of living in Florida.

1. Shop Around for Utilities

Florida is known for its expensive utilities, which makes sense in such a hot climate. To avoid paying sky-high prices for your electricity, always compare plans before signing up with a new provider.

Or, if you can afford it, adding solar panels to your home is a long-term investment that will save you money in the future.

2. Maximize Your Home Profits If Selling

Can’t afford Florida anymore? If you’re thinking of moving to another state or to a cheaper part of Florida, you want to sell your current home for as much as you can.

3. Enjoy Free Activities

Sure, there are lots of expensive things to do in Florida, like Disney World or the Space Center. However, did you know that there are plenty of free activities you can enjoy if you’re on a budget?

Beaches, wildlife parks, museums, and historical attractions can be found across the state to visit for free. That way, you can have an amazing time in Florida without spending too much.

4. Live Away From the Coast

If you’re keen on living in Florida, but can’t afford it, consider moving inland. Beachfront living is always very expensive and you’ll also need to pay for flood insurance if you’re near the water.

You’re never more than a short drive from the beach, wherever you are! Even if you can’t see the ocean from your home, you can always head to the beach for the day.

5. Shop for Groceries at Publix

Budget grocery shoppers love Publix, the state’s biggest chain of grocery stores. Visit Publix for your weekly grocery shop and join their free loyalty program to earn coupons and discounts.

Manage the Florida Cost of Living With These Tips

Yes, the Florida cost of living can be high, but with the help of this guide, we hope you can find some ways to save. If you’re willing to be flexible about where to live and consider a few small sacrifices, you can enjoy the Florida lifestyle, even on a retiree budget!

White sand beaches, sunny days, and beautiful state parks—It’s all there, ready and waiting for you!

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