Enhance Your Hiring Process With Innovative Truck Driver Recruiting Solutions

Enhance Your Hiring Process With Innovative Truck Driver Recruiting Solutions

In a tough truck driver job market, standing out to drivers is important. Creating compelling marketing materials, sharing company stories, and providing a peek into a driver’s day in life can help your transportation company attract quality candidates.

Many drivers have friends and family who drive, and they also chat with other truckers at truck stops. Creating a formal employee referral program can effectively find new talent for your trucking company.

Social Media Stories

Truck drivers are the lifeblood of the transportation industry, and finding and keeping good ones can be challenging. Driver recruiters are essential to the process, bridging the gap between the demands for these highway warriors and the pool of candidates looking to fill them. A good truck driver recruiting agency can bring on new talent quickly, reducing ghosting and dropout rates.

Truck driver recruitment is a people business, and a great way to attract and retain drivers is to focus on them as individuals. 

Another way to attract and retain drivers is by highlighting competitive benefits. These can include sign-up bonuses, flexible hybrid and remote working arrangements, and extra paid vacation time. For millennials, who comprise the largest portion of today’s driver workforce, these are important factors when considering which job to apply for.

In addition, building a strong employer brand and being transparent during the interview process is crucial. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing a realistic job preview, which allows candidates to see what it’s like to be on the road with your company. Providing this information upfront will help drivers decide if the position is right for them and reduce mismatches down the line.

Applicant Tracking

Finding, vetting, and hiring quality candidates is one of the most important functions in a business. Yet, it can also be one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks.

From posting job listings to vetting and interviewing applicants, there are so many steps involved in the process that it can feel overwhelming. An applicant tracking system (ATS) can streamline and organize these processes to make it easier for recruiters to manage the candidate pipeline.

For example, a leading ATS allows talent leaders to view recruitment performance in real-time comprehensively. This gives them a clear idea of what is working, what is not, and why to make adjustments. Meanwhile, each recruiter can see how their efforts impact the company’s hiring speed and sourcing performance.

A modern ATS is mobile-friendly, making it easy for drivers to submit applications. It also makes it possible to track applicant sources so that you can focus more resources on those channels that produce the best results.

Drivers who feel valued by their employers are likelier to refer friends and family for open positions. Rewarding referrals by giving bonuses to the driver and their referred friend can help increase the number of qualified leads for your trucking company. And, as a result, reduce the cost of recruiting and retraining new hires.

Driver Referrals

Driver referral programs are a great way to tap into a pool of candidates who may not have otherwise applied to your carrier. They also provide a strong vetting of your new hire because the referring driver has vouched for them, indicating they fit your company culture and job expectations well.

However, many traditional referral programs could be more challenging for applicants and carriers. From drivers handing out cards to asking the referred applicant to write down their name on an application, these methods are time-consuming and cumbersome and can lead to confusion and fraud. A streamlined program that’s personable for participants and easy for recruiters to manage is far more effective and likely to see higher participation levels.

For example, AI solutions that can schedule one-on-one meetings with recruiters on behalf of a driver who expresses interest in the job can make your recruitment and hiring process more efficient while ensuring quality controls are met.

This helps reduce ghosting and dropout rates and makes it less likely for a driver’s interest in your company to slip between the cracks of their busy lifestyle. It also allows you to be more transparent about aspects of the job that might not appeal to some drivers, such as when benefits start or possible night and weekend work.

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing helps recruiters quickly screen candidates and uncover hidden gems. It eliminates the need for a recruiter or hiring manager to report back to their team and use persuasion skills to convince coworkers why they should or shouldn’t move that candidate on to the next interview stage.

It also eliminates the time-consuming process of scheduling an in-person interview, where potential hires must factor in their work schedule and travel plans to find a good time to meet. This saves time and resources and reduces stress on both parties.

During a video interview, it’s important for truck driver prospects to be personable and treat the interview like a conversation while still maintaining professional etiquette. For instance, it’s helpful for them to signal when they’re done answering questions so that their interviewer doesn’t think they’ve muted the microphone and are just waiting for an answer. This is especially important when there’s Internet lag.

Additionally, the applicant should be familiar with their equipment and have practiced beforehand to know how to start and end the call, mute their microphone, and share their screen. Additionally, the candidate should minimize distractions such as excessive jewelry or eyeglasses. The candidates should try to record a few video interviews of themselves and review them so that they can see how they come across on camera.

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