Three Things You Hope You Never Need but Absolutely Should Have As A Newlywed

Three Things You Hope You Never Need but Absolutely Should Have As A Newlywed

Being a newlywed is one of the most amazing times for a couple. Fresh off the adrenaline rush of the wedding and honeymoon, it’s a time to transition into married life. You’re moving into the same home, meshing styles, developing routines, setting goals, and making other compromises to sustain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. It goes without saying, couples should revel in their newlywed bliss. 

After the sparklers for wedding receptions have fizzled out, the wedding bubbles have dissipated into the air, and the thrill of your honeymoon subsides, your marriage journey begins. While you’d rather not discuss or experience these problems in your marriage, there are more serious matters that couples shouldn’t overlook. From long-term illnesses and medical problems to legal woes and even death, below are a few things newlywed couples must consider. 

Health And Life Insurance

Insurance is the hedge between the money you would rather not spend and the money you will not be able to spend. If you or your spouse need a heart transplant, consider $50,000 the opening bid. If you spend a little on health insurance that you hope you never have to use, you will be covered for that terrible expense that you would otherwise not be able to make.

Similarly, life insurance is a hedge between the insurance premium you pay while alive and the big payout your spouse gets when you’re not. It is an unpleasant thought that seems, on the surface, like money you would rather not spend. 

Unlike health insurance, life insurance deals with one of the two great inevitabilities. That payout will be awarded to your spouse (and children). If you are the one that provides the financial engine for your family, you don’t want it to be stalled when you are no longer around. 

The premium is usually very small for those in reasonable health. Start while you are flush with the invulnerability of youth, and your loved ones will be well cared for when you aren’t.

Home Security

You don’t need anyone to remind you of the many reasons you need a home security system. You ultimately want to ensure that you, your spouse, your children (future or existing), and your belongings are safe. Safety comes with a lot of caveats. You hope upon every star that no unauthorized individual ever tries your door in the dark of night. You hope that the window you left open to increase airflow does not allow something in more than the wind. But you absolutely need something more than hope to keep it from happening.

Break-ins are always bad regardless of when they happen or what is taken. They are worse by orders of magnitude when someone is home. It complicates everything. A person intent on stealing a TV is now presented with a complication that could lead to kidnapping or worse. There is always the possibility of worse. That possibility is reason enough to invest in extra protection.

Most couples assume the only reason for legal services is if they’re going through a divorce. However, that’s not true. There are a number of reasons you might need assistance from a legal expert. From personal injuries and real estate deals to will planning and business protection, you never know when having an attorney can come in handy.

Newlyweds are encouraged to scout for attorneys in advance. Consider your personal and professional needs and search for top-notch law firms that can accommodate you without breaking the bank. While you hope you never need their services, it’s always best to know who to turn to before things go wrong. 

In a perfect world, we would never have to pay for things that we wouldn’t want to experience. However, it’s impossible. Rather than avoid the subject or wish for the best, newlyweds should prepare themselves by investing in the solutions listed above. That way, if something does happen, you’re prepared to handle it. Once you’ve covered all the bases above, you can get back to the more exciting parts of being a newlywed. 

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