Innovative and Unique Products You Didn’t Know Existed

Innovative and Unique Products You Didn’t Know Existed

Running a business in the 2020s is going to get interesting. Technology has come so far that there are now cars that can drive automatically without a driver. But beyond the cool technology, there are simple, but useful and innovative products that make even the simplest tasks more effective and efficient. Here are some innovative and unique products you didn’t know were out there.

Industrial Robots

It seems like just 20 years ago robots were a thing of the far-off future. But in just a short time, robotics has moved at the speed of light. Innovative scientists developed robots with sensors so they can move on our streets, mop floors in stores, and even help in industrial spaces. Some locations are too dangerous for people, so companies like Sarcos Robotics developed remote-controlled solutions that keep people safe and still perform advanced functions.

Paint Tray That Doesn’t Spill

Have you ever been doing home paint projects, and then inevitably you drip, bump into, and end up spilling the tray? While they make plastic protective material for a reason, what if you didn’t need to worry about any spills? There is a great product out there designed to eliminate drips from when you hold the pan in your hand going up and down a ladder or you inadvertently drip some from the lid. This affordable product is a great solution to potential drips on your floor or carpet inside your home.

Toaster Bags

Have you ever wanted to reheat a sandwich, a piece of pizza or your leftover French fries? The problem is, the oven seemed like too much and the microwave turned your food into a yucky mess. One innovative company came up with a simple solution that ensures your fries or sandwich get crispy instead of mushy. Toaster bags that don’t burn are a great solution. Toasters heat up quickly, don’t use as much energy as the oven, and won’t turn your food into swamp goo just to warm it up.

Plates that Don’t Tip

Raise your hand if you’re a parent and your child has ever flung their bowl or plate off the table just to see what would happen. While these are normal behaviors for young children, they can also be frustrating and messy. One inventor created a plate that sticks to the table to ensure your curious little ones will have to keep the plate firmly where it belongs. This means less mess to clean up after every meal. Unless of course, they start dropping food bits down to the dog.

Thaw Food Quickly Without Cooking It

There are many great solutions to everyday problems out there. One of them is the problem of how to thaw meat and other foods more quickly before you cook them without accidentally par-cooking them. While there is a defrost function on most microwaves, let’s be real, we know most meats get at least a little cooked when you do this. One savvy scientist created a mat that can help. In around an hour, get perfectly thawed steaks for the grill or chicken for the oven. This great invention can help those people who are constantly forgetting to pull the meat out of the freezer in time.

3D Printing in Manufacturing

While most people think of the at-home 3D printers that let you make unique knick-knacks and gadgets, there are countless applications for the technology even in manufacturing industries. Instead of needing to create die-cast parts, manufacturers can now use 3D printing to make products.

Additionally, some innovative engineers are working on ways to leverage 3D technology to build houses, bridges, and more. The applications of 3D printing go far beyond curiosity. In manufacturing, the time to get products from ideation to market could be greatly reduced using something like 3D printing instead of traditional means.

More Wearable Technology

People love their Apple watches, but what if wearable technology was more than just something to track your steps and take calls from? Did you know there are vests that can heat or cool based on external temperatures? These vests are perfect for people working in harsh climates who need better temperature control. They can warn when someone is getting too hot to prevent heat stroke or they can reduce the risk of frostbite and freezing.

Wearable technology can help measure other vital signs as well which can offer some older folks more freedom to stay in their homes longer. The technology is attached to Wi-Fi networks and can alert medical professionals if it’s in the wrong position or vital signs get out of hand.

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