What Are the Civil Engineering Specializations?

What Are the Civil Engineering Specializations?

You have probably heard the term civil engineer or civil engineering. You might not realize that there are several different types of civil engineers. 

What Do Civil Engineers Do?

Before you look at the different types of civil engineers, it is important to know what they do. They are responsible for designing, planning and overseeing the construction and maintenance of everything from powerplants to sewage systems to air transportation.

What Are the Basic Types of Civil Engineers?

Each category has a different specialty and different duties. It is important to understand that many of these overlap with other forms of engineering. 

Structural Specialization

A civil engineer with a structural specialization usually works on the construction of various projects such as bridges, high-rise buildings and tunnels. They ensure the building will withstand the stress that needs to be safe for continuous use.

Architectural Specialization

Unlike structural engineers, architectural engineers specialize in designing and constructing buildings such as homes, offices and office parks without the tunnels, bridges and other responsibilities of a structural engineer. 

Transportation Specialization

This specialization is particularly important for urban cities with more congestion and tight turns in some areas. A transportation engineer designs roadways, road construction projects, airports, subway systems and railroads. They also work on the efficiency of each of these systems. 

Water and Wastewater Specialization

These types of civil engineers work with the transportation, sanitation and irrigation of both clean and wastewater. These specializations are particularly important for coastal areas. For example, a DC civil engineer helps with everything from getting clean water to homes to designing irrigation systems and stormwater management plans. They also are responsible for the following:

  • Plant nurseries
  • Fisheries and fishing facilities
  • Flood protection facilities
  • Waterways

All of these specialties fall under civil engineering, and many of them overlap in their responsibilities. There are several other types of civil engineering that are less popular, but no less important.

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