How to Keep Your Manufacturing Business Safe

How to Keep Your Manufacturing Business Safe

Every year in the US, over 5,000 people die due to injuries they’ve sustained in the workplace- injuries that could have otherwise been avoided if health and safety procedures had been followed.

As the owner or managing director of a manufacturing business, you must keep employees safe at work. The industrial workplace is full of potential hazards, and unless everyone is cautious, accidents will happen.

But how can you ensure all employees and visitors of your manufacturing company stay safe at all times?

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the practices you can put in place to ensure your health and safety is second-to-none.

Carry Out Regular Risk Assessments

Risk assessments may seem like a pointless pen-pushing exercise, but the simple fact of the matter is that they save lives. Go through your entire workplace and quantify the risks associated with each area and piece of equipment.

If measures can be taken to minimize risk, note these on your risk assessment and make sure they are followed up.

If there are any changes in the workplace, you’ll need new risk assessments to reflect the changes.

Write a Health and Safety Policy

Again, health and safety policies may seem like redundant paper exercises. However, having a health and safety policy in place clearly cements your commitment to keeping visitors and employees safe while they’re on your premises.

Invest in the Best Safety Equipment

There should be no corners cut on the safety equipment that you buy for your workforce. Investing in the best quality equipment will ensure your employees are less likely to get hurt in accidents.

Singer Safety Company has a wide range of safety equipment for manufacturing businesses.

Keep Walkways Clear

There are two very good reasons for keeping walkways clear at all times. The first reason is that anything left in walkways will become a trip hazard.

The second reason is that it may cause an obstruction in the event of a fire.

Think About Noise

Noise is a major concern in the manufacturing sector. Noisy equipment could leave your employees with long-term hearing problems unless proper care is taken.

Make sure that you provide adequate hearing protection to all employees and use mufflers wherever possible.

Invest in Employee Training

One of the biggest areas where a company can improve its health and safety record is through its employee training. By investing in regular, rolling, health and safety training- a company can drastically minimize the potential for accidents to occur.

Make sure that all employee training is thoroughly documented and revised in line with any changes in the workplace.

Keeping Your Manufacturing Business Safe

Keeping employees in your manufacturing business safe should be a paramount concern. You can maintain a good health and safety record in your business by carrying out risk assessments, training your team, and investing in the right training.

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